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Thursday, March 18, 2010

This Week's Savings - Part 2

Ok, so here's part 2 of this week's savings from CVS and Walgreen's.

CVS:  spent $12.63 - saved $32.63 and walked out with $6 in ECB!  Savings 72%
  • 4 Degree for Women deoderant
  • 2 Dove deoderant
  • 1 Dove chocolate bar
  • Aussie Moist shampoo
  • Aussie Volume conditioner
  • Herbal Essence 2-in-1
  • Herbal Essence gel
  • 1 Betty Crocker Warm Delights cake
  • 1 box Sweedish Fish*  (as a treat for twins shopping with me)
Walgreen's (not pictured):  spent $5.11 - saved $11.77 and walked out with $3 RR which I then used on my Publix shopping - Savings 70%
  • 2 boxes 30 ct Band Aid
  • 1 Neosporin
  • 1 Wonka candy bar* (filler item)
*only things NOT on sale and/or coupons

So, this week I spent a total of $79.53 and saved a total of $125.25 for a savings of 61% and I have $6 in ECB that I will probably spend today on more milk. 

How did you do this week?

ChristinaLynn }i{