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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blogtipping - March

I'm a little late on this month's blogtipping, but here goes.

  1. I Heart Publix - Michelle - While this isn't technically a blog, I believe it started out that way and is now it's own website.  Not sure how you make that transition, but it's sounds pretty cool!  Michelle does a fabulous job of letting us know what is coming at Publix for their fantastic BOGO's and other sales and what coupons we can pair with those sales to make some great shopping trips.  I absolutely LOVE her spreadsheet that you can select the week's sale items and quantities, add your coupon amounts and print to take with you to the store!  Talk about a way to keep you on track!  The only room for improvement, which I believe Michelle is working on by moving to another server is that the site is sometimes slow because there is A LOT of content and a large following of users.  Keep up the great work Michelle!!
  2. Want What You Have - Heather - In this blog, Heather really shares her soul with her readers.  Heather shares so much with us and I have only been reading her blog for a couple of weeks, but here are somethings I have found insightful:  Make a Home Management Guide (basically an operations manual for stay-at-home parents), A Daily Schedule for Stay-At-Home Moms, and The Savings Notebook.  Plus, this site is where I learned about the BlogHer network as well as Blog With Integrity.  The title of the blog says it all...want what you this society so many of us are looking for greener pastures instead of just being in love with the life we have been so richly blessed with.  Heather, please keep it coming!
  3. Life at 7000 Feet - Meredith - Now, this blog is written by the wife of Dirty Shame author John Blase.  Although I haven't spent a lot of time reading this blog (yet!), I am very interested in a segment John and Meredith are doing together called "Wedded Wednesday" where John and Meredith both answer the same question from a reader regarding marriage.  No topic seems to be off the table and I applaud them for that!  Thanks Meredith for keeping it real and respectful.  I can't wait to see what your kids will be blogging about one day!
Hope you can take a few minutes to visit these blogs and enjoy the reading.  Also, if you have a blog you would like me to review or even just take a look at, please send it my way.  Thanks for reading!


    1. Thanks for the shout out! I'm glad you like the Wedded Wednesday stuff. It's been fun...but this week we simply had to cut something and that was it! Writing comes easily for John but not for me! We'll be back next week.

    2. I'm really enjoying the Wedded Wednesday posts! Glad you won't be away for long.