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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Target Shopping, YEAH!

Since I began this couponing adventure, I have tried to stay away from Target because I just can't seem to get out of there for under $100 and seem to walk away with little to nothing.  I have "made do" with some of my essentials in small packages I have been able to pick up from CVS or Publix when on sale.  However, due to some strange circumstances regarding my Target card, I ended up with a credit this month and had to make the most of it!  Since the money had already been alloted for Target, I believe God has blessed my willingness to control my finances as He sees fit by rewarding me with a trip to Target. 

So, here goes.  I walked into Target with a goal of not spending more than $100 and a fairly short list.  Here's what I walked out with:
  • 4 Johnson's Buddies
  • Glade Gel Warmer
  • Clorox Wipes - 105 pk
  • Energizer AA batteries - 16 pk
  • Duracell Ultra Advantage AA batteries - 8 pk
  • Dove Men's kit (includes a 1.8 oz body/face wash and dual sided shower tool)
  • Gillette Men's Body/Face wash 12 oz
  • Gillette deoderant
  • Fusion single pack razor
  • Noxzema 3ct disposable razors
  • Herbal Essence hairspray
  • Herbal Essence travel size hairspray
  • Herbal Essence travel size shampoo
  • Kotex 20 ct liners
  • Refresh Plus eyedrops
  • 2 Welch's 5 oz fruit snacks
  • 2 wooden cars
  • Pampers Extra Protection diapers 56 ct
  • Pampers Easy Ups training pants 60 ct
  • 5 Kellogg's Nutrigrain 8 ct boxes
  • 2 $5 Target gift cards
  • $30 coupon booklet from P&G (inlcuded in training pants pkg)
  • 2 $5 breakfast coupon booklets (inlcuded in 2 of the Nutrigrain boxes)
I was able to purchase $142.83 worth of items all for $86.79, with the two Target gift cards, my net was $76.79!!!!!  For a savings of 54%!

A little over $10 of my savings was due to the use of a Target 10% off card, then $0.15 off for the use of "green bags."  The rest was the gift cards and $23.98 in coupons.

I felt so good about my savings, I treated myself and the boys to a pretzel and bag of popcorn, complete with a bottled water and two juice boxes :)

Maybe now I won't shy away from Target, but I will have to use some major self-control to keep me on track. 

Hope your Target experience is just as good!

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