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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Believe

I believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God. My Lord and my Savior.

I believe that God only wants what is best for me and sometimes that is not what I want or expect. I believe He gives me free will and yet is sovereignly always in control.

I believe that God's will is what is best for me and that through faith and trust in Him and obedience to Him everyday, I grow closer to Him and experience more of His grace and blessings.

I believe that God loves me unconditionally and that He paid the ultimate sacrifice through Jesus so that I might accept the gift of eternity with Him. I believe in His gift of the Holy Spirit to guide me through His will.

Do you believe?

ChristinaLynn }i{

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

CVS & Walgreen's Savings

Amazingly, I was able to purchase 2 milks, Colgate toothpast and Jelly Belly jelly beans today at CVS for only $4.79 on $16.08 worth of groceries for a savings of 70% and I walked away with another 4.99 in ECB's!!  The jelly beans were not that great of a deal, but the twins were with me and I always find myself getting them a treat.  Maybe I should start planning ahead for that!

Walgreen's was good this week also, but only if you know what you're looking for!  I was able to purchase three packages of Huggies diapers (27 ct), 2 pkgs of Oscar Meyer bacon and 2 pkgs of pumpkin seeds (my husband's favorite!) for $25.41.  These items without sales would have been $50.39, so there was a savings of 50%.  Plus, I walked out with $6 in RR that I then used on my Publix trip.  Not too bad!

All in all, my shopping today totaled $83.30 for $206.07 worth of items, a savings of 60% and I still have $4.99 to spend (probably on more milk!).  I went a little over my budget of $75, but I had a little left over from my shopping two weeks ago. 

I am continuously blessed by how God is teaching me to be more responsible with my finances.  Additionally, I will be attending a coupon workshop this weekend and hope to pick up even more tips and tricks of the trade.

Be blessed.
ChristinaLynn }i{

Publix is Great!

Today at Publix I spent $53.10 for $139.60 worth of groceries, for a savings of 62%!  Yeah!  Here's what I purchased
  • 16 Yoplait Yogurt
  • Brawny Paper Towels 8 roll
  • Kleenex Cottonelle toilet paper 12 roll
  • 4 Publix frozen Steam in Bag vegetables
  • 2 Hillshire Farms sliced lunchmeat
  • 5+ lbs Sirloin Tip Roast
  • 2 single roll Chips Ahoy
  • 4 boxes Mueller's pasta
  • Bananas
  • 2 Fast Fixin's Chicken Tenders
  • 2 Prego sauce
  • Publix chocolate syrup
  • Dove shampoo
  • Dove styling spray
  • 2 Oreo Cakesters
  • 2 Taco Bell dinners
  • 4 boxes Kellogg's cereal
  • 2 Lance snack cracker 8 pks
  • Pop tarts
 More to come from my CVS and Walgreen's trips.  Feel free to share your savings!

ChristinaLynn }i{

'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus

Last night I prayed that God would wake me up refreshed and ready to study His word.  And He did.

It may seem like a small thing to you, but our typical night includes at least one trip to the bathroom, nightmares, "it's a beautiful day" calls when it's plainly still dark out and of course, the "just because" wake-ups.  This is all preceeded by the evening rituals of "I need water," at least one trip to the bathroom even though they've just been, consistently knocking on the door for attention, the choice to play instead of sleep and the "I can't sleep" routines.  For me to have more than four hours of sleep at a time is the norm.  So, yes, for me to sleep for 6-1/2 hours uninterupted is rare.  What is the standard?  Seven?  Eight?  Yeah, right.  Not in this house!  Since naps are becoming even more rare, it makes for a long day and a very short night.

Now, of course, I've been interrupted at least six times since I woke up and that was less than 45 minutes ago.  The first was classic.  "I can't find my dinosaur."  And he only wanted me. 

However, between interruptions, I was able to read God's Word, which is such a blessing.  And I know that God will be pleased with my persistence to come back to His Word time and time again. 

And I will pray again tonight that God will wake me up refreshed to study His word.  And maybe I'll also ask for just twenty minutes of uninterrupted time with Him.

What will you ask for?

ChristinaLynn }i{

Thursday, March 18, 2010

This Week's Savings - Part 2

Ok, so here's part 2 of this week's savings from CVS and Walgreen's.

CVS:  spent $12.63 - saved $32.63 and walked out with $6 in ECB!  Savings 72%
  • 4 Degree for Women deoderant
  • 2 Dove deoderant
  • 1 Dove chocolate bar
  • Aussie Moist shampoo
  • Aussie Volume conditioner
  • Herbal Essence 2-in-1
  • Herbal Essence gel
  • 1 Betty Crocker Warm Delights cake
  • 1 box Sweedish Fish*  (as a treat for twins shopping with me)
Walgreen's (not pictured):  spent $5.11 - saved $11.77 and walked out with $3 RR which I then used on my Publix shopping - Savings 70%
  • 2 boxes 30 ct Band Aid
  • 1 Neosporin
  • 1 Wonka candy bar* (filler item)
*only things NOT on sale and/or coupons

So, this week I spent a total of $79.53 and saved a total of $125.25 for a savings of 61% and I have $6 in ECB that I will probably spend today on more milk. 

How did you do this week?

ChristinaLynn }i{

This Week's Savings

Some great sales this week!  I'll be sending two posts to show everything.  Here's the first:

Publix:  spent $61.79 - saved $79.85 - Savings 56%
  • Glad Plug In Warmer
  • 2 Glade Plug In Refills
  • Publix Qt Freezer bags
  • 1 gallon Milk
  • 2 Nabisco graham crackers
  • 2 Renu contact solution
  • 2 Barilla pasta
  • 2 Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds (LOVE these!!)
  • 2 Publix bagged salad
  • Dannon Danimals 6 pk*
  • Bag of Golden Delicious Apples
  • 1 Digiorno 200 cal pizza
  • Red Creamer potatoes
  • 4 Pillsbury Ready-to-Bake cookies
  • 3 Nectarines
  • 1 Bird's Eye Steamfresh Meal for Two
  • 2 Yoplait Yo Plus yogurt 4 pk
  • 2 Hebrew National hot dogs
  • 2 pkgs Perdue Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (just over 2.5 lbs)
  • 2 Jimmy Dean Breakfast biscuits

ChristinaLynn }i{

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Safe In the Arms of LOVE

You know, forever love.  The kind of love God has for us.

Sometimes, when I am praying and telling God about my day, the frustrations, the disappointments,  the small successes, I find myself drifting off to sleep.  A Christian singer/song-writer Nia described it once as falling asleep in your Daddy's lap.

What a wonderful picture of the relationship God wants with us! 

To be safe and secure and completely dependent in His arms.  A Daddy's girl to the ultimate!

Lord, let me always know that you love me with a forever love, that I can be safe and secure in Your arms.  Let me always be Your girl.
ChristinaLynn }i{

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10 on the 10th!

10 things I did today - taken from Life at 7000 feet

  1. Dropped off twins at preschool, no speech class today due to FCAT testing at the schools.  The twins LOVE preschool.  I had to make them put their lunchboxes down to keep them from running out the door 15 minutes early!

  2. Updated my blog with shopping information.  I really want my blog to include all ways that God helps us prospers, couponing seems to be the most prevalent though.
  3. Updated information with our accountant for our upcoming 2009 tax return submission.  Praying for a good refund!
  4. Dropped off juice pouches for oldest son's class.  With FCAT testing this week, they are having extra snack times.
  5. Dropped off the movie we rented this weekend.  Very intense movie!  Also, very long.  Anyone want to guess what it was??
  6. Baked some white chocolate, macadamia nut cookies!  One of my favorites!  Just had a craving for them and since no one is home to share with, they are all mine :)
  7. Menu planned tonight's  meal.  Please share your recipes for pork chops!  I got such a great deal on them, we may be having them a lot over the next two weeks.
  8. Caught up on the days' news.  I don't get many opportunities to watch the news, especially without interruption.
  9. Picking up the twins later and I don't have to do the bike-pool today (yeah!). 
  10. Making dinner to have with the family tonight and hoping to have hubby fill up my car with gas using the fuel perks savings from shopping.
What about you, what is your 10 on the 10th?

This Week's Groceries

This was an interesting shopping week.  I wasn't too impressed with the Publix sales this week, nor too much with CVS.  Surprisingly, I found myself in a Winn-Dixie store picking up a great bargain:  for about $14 I was able to purchase 2 Red Baron pizzas, Tostino's pizza rolls (10 ct), a Dole Iceberg salad kit, 1.5 qt Breyers Ice Cream and a 2-liter Pepsi!  Wow, right?  I also picked up some chicken breasts and pork chops (enough for about 7-8 meals) that were both B1G1 for about $20.  I picked up a few other things to bring my total to $50 before coupons so that I could benefit by the fuel perks program, so I will receive $0.05 off per gallon on my next fuel purchase!  I can tell that they are trying, but of course, their customer service does not compare to Publix!

The picture above is of my Publix shopping, where I spent $ 38.72 for $105.77 worth of groceries.  For a savings of 63%.  Not bad! 

The best part for me, is that I can tell the fruits of my labor.  I now have my freezers full again from when I began this adventure.  It gives me a feeling that I am well-stocked for my family and not skimping them out of anything.  I am running out of words to express how God is working in our finances! 
It truly is amazing!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An Honest Mechanic

Sound like an oxymoron?

We recently had some work done on one of our vehicles before taking a long weekend trip.  You know, the usual stuff:  oil change, alignment, fluid fill up, etc.  Shortly after we picked up the car, we noticed a funny noise.  It wasn't very loud and it wasn't all of the time, but it was definitely something new.  But, we were on our way out of town and didn't put much thought into it. 

Fast forward to the week after the trip.  The noise was still there, so we made plans to take it back to the shop to find out what was causing it.  The shop couldn't find anything wrong with it.  My husband went down to the shop and rode with the mechanic to make sure they heard the noise and they were then able to determine that our muffler was damaged.  Of course, our first thought was that it must have happened when they worked on it last time since the noise only started then, but we couldn't prove it.  So, we didn't say anything to them about the thought that they had caused the problem.  

A few days have passed since that last shop visit when today, my husband received a call from the mechanic.  He stated that he had done some checking and didn't realize there was an alignment done on the first shop visit.  He further checked with the specific mechanic that worked on the vehicle and was informed that they heard a noise when they were bringing the car down from the lift, but they thought it was something else on the car and that it was insignificant.  However, since this particular mechanic with whom we were dealing was able (on his own!) to determine that they caused the problem, they have ordered the replacement parts and are going to fix the problem at no cost to us!!

Yet another piece of proof that God is blessing our finances for our trust and obedience in Him!

Can you say, "Thank you Jesus"?

Monday, March 8, 2010


It was a beautiful weekend!  The weather was perfect for family time outdoors.  We were finally able to open the windows and get some fresh air inside as well.

I was standing next to my husband as he opened one of the windows.  He was immediately taken back to a childhood day when he was outside in his home town with his mother on a lawn chair getting some sun.  The smells in the air were so reminiscent for him that he didn't have all of the words to describe it, but you could certainly see it in his face.  He was thrilled with the memory.

My husband strives for our children to have wonderful childhood memories of outdoor fun and lifelong friendships as he has. 

Tell me about your memories...
What scents bring you back to childhood?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Big Cupcake

I made my first Big Cupcake last night...well, actually my daughter made it.  I just trimmed and iced it :D

We've been trying to get this thing made for some time, since I received the pan for Christmas.  Especially since I've been getting so many great deals on cake mix and icing.  I'm certainly NO cake decorator, but it was pretty easy to put the icing on.  I did have to trim the top of the cupcake bottom and the bottom of the dome top to make it fit together properly and I have learned that it will be best if I put icing between the top and bottom to help keep it together while slicing.

For my oldest son, who only likes chocolate cake with chocolate icing, this was a vanilla cake with chocolate icing.  Which he tried and didn't throw any of it away, so it must have been ok :)  I think next time I will try it with the insert and make some ice cream or pudding filling in it.   

Doesn't that sound delicious??

Blogtipping - March

I'm a little late on this month's blogtipping, but here goes.

  1. I Heart Publix - Michelle - While this isn't technically a blog, I believe it started out that way and is now it's own website.  Not sure how you make that transition, but it's sounds pretty cool!  Michelle does a fabulous job of letting us know what is coming at Publix for their fantastic BOGO's and other sales and what coupons we can pair with those sales to make some great shopping trips.  I absolutely LOVE her spreadsheet that you can select the week's sale items and quantities, add your coupon amounts and print to take with you to the store!  Talk about a way to keep you on track!  The only room for improvement, which I believe Michelle is working on by moving to another server is that the site is sometimes slow because there is A LOT of content and a large following of users.  Keep up the great work Michelle!!
  2. Want What You Have - Heather - In this blog, Heather really shares her soul with her readers.  Heather shares so much with us and I have only been reading her blog for a couple of weeks, but here are somethings I have found insightful:  Make a Home Management Guide (basically an operations manual for stay-at-home parents), A Daily Schedule for Stay-At-Home Moms, and The Savings Notebook.  Plus, this site is where I learned about the BlogHer network as well as Blog With Integrity.  The title of the blog says it all...want what you this society so many of us are looking for greener pastures instead of just being in love with the life we have been so richly blessed with.  Heather, please keep it coming!
  3. Life at 7000 Feet - Meredith - Now, this blog is written by the wife of Dirty Shame author John Blase.  Although I haven't spent a lot of time reading this blog (yet!), I am very interested in a segment John and Meredith are doing together called "Wedded Wednesday" where John and Meredith both answer the same question from a reader regarding marriage.  No topic seems to be off the table and I applaud them for that!  Thanks Meredith for keeping it real and respectful.  I can't wait to see what your kids will be blogging about one day!
Hope you can take a few minutes to visit these blogs and enjoy the reading.  Also, if you have a blog you would like me to review or even just take a look at, please send it my way.  Thanks for reading!

    Wednesday, March 3, 2010

    Finishing Up my Target Card Credit

    Well, that money on my Target card was burning a whole in my pocket!!

    I was able to make this trip to CVS today, spent a whopping $21.10 for $44.39 worth of items.  Here's what I bought:
    • 4 valentine candy bags - clearanced
    • 3 valentine items - clearanced
    • 2 TGLee milk gallons
    • 2 Clear Care contact solution kits
    • Golden Oreos
    • Oreo Cakesters
    • Munchos chips
    Since the Clear Care alone is $9.49 each, I basically paid for those two items and paid $2.12 for everything else (including tax)!

     God provides more than we could even imagine!
    "Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, 
    that there may be food in My house, 
    and try Me now in this," 
    says the Lord of hosts, 
    "If I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it."
    Malachi 3:10

    Tuesday, March 2, 2010

    Target Shopping, YEAH!

    Since I began this couponing adventure, I have tried to stay away from Target because I just can't seem to get out of there for under $100 and seem to walk away with little to nothing.  I have "made do" with some of my essentials in small packages I have been able to pick up from CVS or Publix when on sale.  However, due to some strange circumstances regarding my Target card, I ended up with a credit this month and had to make the most of it!  Since the money had already been alloted for Target, I believe God has blessed my willingness to control my finances as He sees fit by rewarding me with a trip to Target. 

    So, here goes.  I walked into Target with a goal of not spending more than $100 and a fairly short list.  Here's what I walked out with:
    • 4 Johnson's Buddies
    • Glade Gel Warmer
    • Clorox Wipes - 105 pk
    • Energizer AA batteries - 16 pk
    • Duracell Ultra Advantage AA batteries - 8 pk
    • Dove Men's kit (includes a 1.8 oz body/face wash and dual sided shower tool)
    • Gillette Men's Body/Face wash 12 oz
    • Gillette deoderant
    • Fusion single pack razor
    • Noxzema 3ct disposable razors
    • Herbal Essence hairspray
    • Herbal Essence travel size hairspray
    • Herbal Essence travel size shampoo
    • Kotex 20 ct liners
    • Refresh Plus eyedrops
    • 2 Welch's 5 oz fruit snacks
    • 2 wooden cars
    • Pampers Extra Protection diapers 56 ct
    • Pampers Easy Ups training pants 60 ct
    • 5 Kellogg's Nutrigrain 8 ct boxes
    • 2 $5 Target gift cards
    • $30 coupon booklet from P&G (inlcuded in training pants pkg)
    • 2 $5 breakfast coupon booklets (inlcuded in 2 of the Nutrigrain boxes)
    I was able to purchase $142.83 worth of items all for $86.79, with the two Target gift cards, my net was $76.79!!!!!  For a savings of 54%!

    A little over $10 of my savings was due to the use of a Target 10% off card, then $0.15 off for the use of "green bags."  The rest was the gift cards and $23.98 in coupons.

    I felt so good about my savings, I treated myself and the boys to a pretzel and bag of popcorn, complete with a bottled water and two juice boxes :)

    Maybe now I won't shy away from Target, but I will have to use some major self-control to keep me on track. 

    Hope your Target experience is just as good!

    Publix Savings This Week

    Well, God blesses yet again (as if there was any doubt)!!  Just $0.73 over budget this week, but that was due to taxes, so we'll blame it on the government ;)  And, yes, for those of you with a keen eye, there are a few donuts missing from that box!!  We got hungry :D
    • Betty Crocker Brownie Mix - $0.98 each
    • General Mills cereal (Cookie Crisp and Chocolate Lucky Charms) - $1 each
    • Juicy Juice 64 oz - $1.33 each
    • Right Guard deoderant - $0.40 each
    • Activia Yogurt - $0.38 per cup
    • Egg Beaters  - $0.66 each
    • Downy Fabric Softner 105 load (not pictured, forgot it in my car!) - $4.99
    All-in-all, a good trip.  I spent $75.73 on $147.62 worth of groceries for a savings of 49%.  Not one of my best shopping trips, but certainly no where near what I was doing before this great couponing adventure began.  Stay tuned for a great TARGET shopping trip as well!

    How 'bout you?  How are you doing on your shopping trips? 
    I know at least one person who should be able to share (hint, hint)!

    One of THOSE days

    Yesterday was that for me.  Actually, I guess it all started the night before. 

    My husband and I were having a perfectly pleasant conversation when he asked me would I get remarried if he _____.  (Yeah, I can't even type the word!)  I think I had a panic attack!!  Now, I just can't imagine life without him.  I know that we are not supposed to be so attached to things of this earth, but God did give him to me as my life partner.  And I am grateful everyday that He did.  He wouldn't just take him away from me...would He?  He knows I could not function without my love, my best friend, my mate.  Right?

    Well, my husband swiftly changed the subject and we soon fell asleep.  I awoke the next morning...late...and spent our devotion time thinking about all the things I needed to get done in the next hour, not completely paying attention to his reading.  Then I was greeted by our older two children arguing about insignificant things, just to be 5-10 minutes late on everything I did until at least 10 AM.  I successfully took a chunk of skin out of my finger trying to weild the bike trailer, with twins in tow, through what was supposed to be an automatic door.  Of course, it wasn't working properly.  I cried myself through the parking lot.  When we arrived home to change over from the bike to the car, I had to go in to clean my hand and bandage it.  Finally, got everything ready to go just in time to hear one of the twins stating his need to go to the restroom.  Ok, unbuckle the car seat, remove the jacket, lead him into the restroom and for what?  He didn't even go.  Lead back to the car, save jacket for preschool parking lot, rebuckle.  Ok, off again.  Then, to arrive at preschool, late for the twins to be ushered off to the music room.  The teacher asked them twice how they were today with completely no response.  And that says it all.  Even my three year olds can't find the words to describe was one of THOSE kind of days.

    And, as I said, this was all before 10 AM.  Fun stuff.  Brings me back to that post about my table being wet.  Sometimes it is hard to realize:

    This is the day the Lord has made; 
    we will rejoice and be glad in it.
    Psalm 118:24 NKJV