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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10 on the 10th!

10 things I did today - taken from Life at 7000 feet

  1. Dropped off twins at preschool, no speech class today due to FCAT testing at the schools.  The twins LOVE preschool.  I had to make them put their lunchboxes down to keep them from running out the door 15 minutes early!

  2. Updated my blog with shopping information.  I really want my blog to include all ways that God helps us prospers, couponing seems to be the most prevalent though.
  3. Updated information with our accountant for our upcoming 2009 tax return submission.  Praying for a good refund!
  4. Dropped off juice pouches for oldest son's class.  With FCAT testing this week, they are having extra snack times.
  5. Dropped off the movie we rented this weekend.  Very intense movie!  Also, very long.  Anyone want to guess what it was??
  6. Baked some white chocolate, macadamia nut cookies!  One of my favorites!  Just had a craving for them and since no one is home to share with, they are all mine :)
  7. Menu planned tonight's  meal.  Please share your recipes for pork chops!  I got such a great deal on them, we may be having them a lot over the next two weeks.
  8. Caught up on the days' news.  I don't get many opportunities to watch the news, especially without interruption.
  9. Picking up the twins later and I don't have to do the bike-pool today (yeah!). 
  10. Making dinner to have with the family tonight and hoping to have hubby fill up my car with gas using the fuel perks savings from shopping.
What about you, what is your 10 on the 10th?


  1. My favorite way to cook pork chops is black bean|pork chili. Here's a link:

    I'm guessing you watched Schindler's List. It's long and intense. Am I right?

    Glad you played along!!! I enjoyed your list.

  2. Mer, WOW, I feel like I was just visited by a celebrity! Thanks for stopping by my little blog :D

    I'll definitely check out your recipe!

    Actually, no it was not Schindler's List. I don't know if I have the heart to watch that movie, ever. I just know that I would cry the whole way through, and probably for days later. I'll post the name of the movie soon, so keep in touch!

  3. Thanks for sharing the cookies with me :) I ABSOLUTELY dislike (HATE) FCAT:( in my opinion FCAT is complete and utter torture not to mention cruel and unusual punishment. I think that pork chops with a side of either mac n cheese or pastaroni that we bought yesterday with corn or mixed veggies would be okay and if you take my suggestion I may make some of my amazing iced tea to go along with it:)

  4. If you find any good pork chop recipes, send them my way. I'm tired of mine :)

  5. Carpool Queen, make sure to check out Mer's link above. Sounds SOOO good!