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Thursday, April 21, 2011

OMG! Where have YOU been?!?

Ok, so it has been a long time since I made a regular post on here!  Hopefully, I will be able to make a come-back :)

For anyone who hasn't heard, in addition to having a new baby in our family, I started a new business!  Nothing like adding more to the chaos, right?!?  You can check out my new business here or hereThirty-One Gifts is a wonderful company that I am an Independent Consultant for.  They are a faith-based company, built on the teachings of Proverbs 31, where they derive their name!  And you know how I LOVE Proverbs 31!  We have so many beautiful items such as purses, wallets, totes, organizers and so much more.  And, many of our items can be personalized with your initial(s), name or favorite saying.  With four boys, it lets me share a little girly-ness with my daughter again!!

Now, back to my handsome new bundle of joy!  We welcomed our newest baby into our family back in November and he is just adorable.  Although it means a few more years before I can get back to earning my degree and catching up my retirment fund, it also means many more years of Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy :)  I am one of the lucky ones!  I expect to total about 25 years of the wonderful magic of childhood!  When the time comes that my youngest has decided that it is me or dad making all of those things happen, maybe I'll have a grandchild or two to share the magic with.  Did I ever tell you how I cried the day my oldest "found out"?  Ugh. 

You all also know how I LOVE couponing!  I was recently asked to come to a place of business for a "Lunch-N-Learn" to teach some ladies the art of saving through the couponing system.  What do you think?  I am the first to admit, I am no expert!  But, maybe I can share what I know to help other struggling families.  Should I do it? 

As always, I'm taking your requests.  What do YOU want to see on this blog?  More coupon strategies and success stories?  A new Bible study?  Book reviews?  More about my new business?  Something else?  Reader's choice!

ChristinaLynn }i{