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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An Honest Mechanic

Sound like an oxymoron?

We recently had some work done on one of our vehicles before taking a long weekend trip.  You know, the usual stuff:  oil change, alignment, fluid fill up, etc.  Shortly after we picked up the car, we noticed a funny noise.  It wasn't very loud and it wasn't all of the time, but it was definitely something new.  But, we were on our way out of town and didn't put much thought into it. 

Fast forward to the week after the trip.  The noise was still there, so we made plans to take it back to the shop to find out what was causing it.  The shop couldn't find anything wrong with it.  My husband went down to the shop and rode with the mechanic to make sure they heard the noise and they were then able to determine that our muffler was damaged.  Of course, our first thought was that it must have happened when they worked on it last time since the noise only started then, but we couldn't prove it.  So, we didn't say anything to them about the thought that they had caused the problem.  

A few days have passed since that last shop visit when today, my husband received a call from the mechanic.  He stated that he had done some checking and didn't realize there was an alignment done on the first shop visit.  He further checked with the specific mechanic that worked on the vehicle and was informed that they heard a noise when they were bringing the car down from the lift, but they thought it was something else on the car and that it was insignificant.  However, since this particular mechanic with whom we were dealing was able (on his own!) to determine that they caused the problem, they have ordered the replacement parts and are going to fix the problem at no cost to us!!

Yet another piece of proof that God is blessing our finances for our trust and obedience in Him!

Can you say, "Thank you Jesus"?

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