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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

When Life Gives You Lemons

Everyone will tell you to make lemonade.  Are you familiar with lemonade?  It really isn't an easy drink to make from scratch.  It can easily be too sweet or too tart, too strong or too weak.  But, my favorite part is that it is always better the next day. 

That's often true with life.  Most things in life are better the next day.  When we are able to step back from the situation, things are not quite as charged.  Emotions.  Aggravations.  Stresses.  Things don't seem quite as intense when you've had a chance to "sleep on it." 

And then, some things are just as strong no matter how many nights' sleep you've had.  These are often the things that truly matter.  It can put things into perspective to know that if you allow enough time for things to settle, you can see what is really important.  There's nothing you can do about a flood until the river crests.  The butterfly has to stay in its cocoon until just the right time.

Just like the message I received a few days ago:  "God wants you to know that all is well.  All is going according to plan.  Trust that there is a bigger picture.  Trust that life is unfolding as it should."

ChristinaLynn }i{

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