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Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Plight for Flight

Today it is my priviledge to share with you the plight of a man near and dear to my heart, "ole Blake."

You'll love his story and I hope that you'll share his story and if you can, support his causes.  Here's a little about him, in his own words:
  • "Cold and peaceful tonight, a great day for me again, I got to help a student with his science project, His dad is military and deployed overseas, I like being a stand in Dad when it comes to helping kids to learn and understand, Guess I should have truly been a real teacher instead of just teaching how to build model planes. After my bout with death in 1974, I awoke knowing that what part of my life was not spent in earning a living and suporting my family, was to be spent in helping others. For years I tried this and that helping foks and I felt good about doing it..but I also felt that there was something else, another way that I should helping, then one day, I discovered that I love helping kids to learn to build model airplanes, I also learned that I could teach them a lot more than building if I used the plane building as examples of things in real life too, like 'Integrity' of a glue and then relating what integrity meant otherwise. Likewise about being 'honest' about whether or not you completed all the steps in the plan. As we built, the kids learned to trust me and I came to realize that some of my answers to their questions were opinions right off the top of my head with no real foundation to the answers. It was then that I returned to school, not for a degree but to learn to give qualified answers to their questions. My reasoning, though faulty it may be was that if they trusted me, what I might tell them just might affect the way they lived their lives. And I did not want to give bad advice. Although not formally, I am still going to school to learn how to answer their question and teach them even more about life as I learn it. Now perhaps you may understand why I want to build my 'Legacy of Wings Project' and why ole Blake is happy in his heart, but empty in his pocketbook" 
  • "Hello Folks, Blake Walston here, 69 years young. Just an old man who is happily married for  49 years (August 1, 2011) and who builds, teaches, flies model airplanes, and enjoys internet conversation with good people world wide. I have a dream to share that I want to make happen. I am too old to solicit funds to make this dream come true and I have no gimmicks or sales pitches, just want to share an old man’s dream of a legacy that I want to leave behind. I ask only for prayers if you are a praying person and good wishes if you are not.
    This is the dream:  Legacy of Wings Project:  The purpose of Legacy of wings is help kids and young adults find the careers that they love, to find work that they enjoy and by  doing so, my hope is that they will learn how to fly not particularly in the air but in their hearts and minds.  It is a pure joy to work around someone that loves their work. It creates a very happy atmosphere."   Read more about the Legacy of Wings Project here.
  • "Because of a bankruptcy by our landlord, we received notice December 30, that we are going to be evicted from our home unless we can pay off 80% of the balance which is $20,000, we need to come up with $16000 dolllars, Our retirement pay is not great enough to borrow the money. If there is a way that we can get 500 people to donate 30 dollars we will own the house free and clear. If anyone cares to donate I have a paypal account at this address: I thank you in advance for spreading the word And if there is ever a way to repay it, I will. If you care to google our home, we are located at 114 Cardinal Ave. Perry, Georgia, 31069 My cell phone is 478-997-1653, I want to be sure folks know this is not a scam."
I know the heart of this man is flying tonight from the graciousness of friends, family and even total strangers that have donated to help him keep a roof over the heads of his dear wife and her mother.  As of this writing, they are still needing 349 donations of $30.  I am enthralled to know how high his heart will fly when they reach their goal and keep their home!

Trusting in God's love to share this story and hoping it reaches the world!

ChristinaLynn }i{


  1. Ah Christina, you have warmed again the heart of an old man on this day. I know you are all grown up, but still in my heart I remember the little girl with all the curls, we came to visit in the big white house. Thank you for posting my story and for the kind comments you made. God sitll has work for me to do, and I intend to fulfil my promise to do it. Hugs and May God Bless

  2. Indeed, God does have work for you to do!

    It warms my heart as well any time I think of you and always brings a smile to my face as I picture you!

    Wish I had just a few of those curls these days {and maybe a few less grays!}...

    I KNOW God will be blessing you Uncle Blake, Aunt Frankie and Aunt Fawnie as well, until your cup overflows financially as it already does in your heart and soul. May the loving kindness you've poured out on each of us be repaid tenfold. <3