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Friday, January 6, 2012

God Helps Those...

Who help others.

I know that's not how the saying goes, but I do think it's way more accurate. 

Here's a chance to prove me wrong:

"Just for those who have not seen this before. From The Walston's house, we wish you a great New Year. May you live in good health, aquire enough wealth to keep you safe and warm and enough love to fill your life with some left over to share. Now a special request that I am very reluctant to make. Because of a bankruptcy by our landlord, we received notice December 30, that we are going to be evicted from our home unless we can pay off 80% of the balance which is 20,000, we need to come up with 16000 dolllars, Our retirement pay is not great enough to borrow the money. If there is a way that we can get 500 people to donate 30 dollars we will own the house free and clear. If anyone cares to donate I have a paypal account at this address: I thank you in advance for spreading the word. And if there is ever a way to repay it, I will. If you care to google our home, we are located at 114 Cardinal Ave. Perry, Georgia, 31069 My cell phone is 478-997-1653, I want to be sure folks know this is not a scam. Hugs and May God Bless Regards ole Blake Please do not contribute if it would in anyway cause material injury to yourself or family"

This is a man who spends as much of his "free" time as possible giving to others.  He's now in need of help and God has already shown up in a BIG way and I have no doubt we will soon be hearing a shout of hooray all the way from Perry, Ga to let us know the goal has been met!

Will you be part of it?
ChristinaLynn }i{

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