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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Year

As we embark on a new year, there are so many tasks and activities to be done to prepare ourselves for success.  A new year provides us a great opportunity to take inventory of our lives.  Spiritual.  Mental.  Physical.  Financial.  Social.  Things like updating budgets, home organizing, goal setting become commonplace in our vocabulary.

While we go through this process, it is also a wonderful opportunity to take inventory of our blessings.  To "name them one by one," just as the old song states.  Keeping in mind that blessings sometimes come in wolves clothing.  My sister once wrote this (I hope she still believes it):


Be thankful for the valley, 
It means you've just come off one mountain and are heading towards another.
Be thankful for illnesses, 
Without them good health wouldn't mean as much.
Be thankful for the time, however long or short, you had with your loved one before God called them home,
Those precious memories will be with you until you see them again.
Be thankful for your family, even when they drive you crazy, 
Without them you'd be alone in this world.
Be thankful for the lean times, 
They make the wealthy times that much sweeter.
Be thankful for your sins, 
They're why Christ died for you!
   ---Michelle Rodgers

There will always be those who have it better or worse than we do and there will always be times that were better or worse for us.  Regardless of better or worse, we need to be able to not only live in the circumstances we are currently in, but learn how to thrive and be joyful in any circumstance. 

Praising Him through it all.

ChristinaLynn }i{

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