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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Ever want to ask God, "Why?"

Whether because of a lost loved one, or an illness or injury you or a family member are facing, or maybe it's financial troubles.  In reality, it could be just about anything that we just don't understand.

I don't think He condemns us for asking or for feeling so helpless.  But maybe it is like Mary when the angel visited her to tell her she was going to have our Lord.  She asked, "How?" 

"How is this going to come to be?"  With a little bit of encouragement from the angel she realized that with God, all things are possible.  Our faith is being tested, made stronger. 

Lord, I need Your encouragement now.  I feel so helpless, so confused.  How am I going to get through this?  What is this going to do to me?  To my family?  Although, I know that I may not have these answers this side of Glory, help me to believe that You would not put anything in my path that isn't for my best for Your Kingdom.

ChristinaLynn }i{


  1. I have experienced a few times in life the "WHY GOD" question. A blog family that I follow, recently, gave back to the Lord their precious twelve year old son. This beautiful precious boy was diagnosed with an adult aggressive brain cancer. Healthy and strong this day and gone from this Earth 4 1/2 months later. I couldn't help but wonder WHY? Like you said, this side of Heaven, we will never know exactly why this happened.

    Hi there! You stopped by my blog 'my cup runneth over' and I wanted to vist yours. I now follow you here. We have some things in common, we live in the beautiful state of Florida, we love Jesus, and we like saving the money by shopping at Publix. Awesome!!

    Hope your morning (all day) sickness improves soon.

  2. Oh, Brandi, what an appropriate time to wonder "Why?" I can't even begin to imagine (and pray that I never do!) having to experience this.

    We do have a lot in common!!! I am a BIG fan of saving at Publix. I use to be a warehouse shopper and have really made changes with couponing. I do love Jesus and have been proven over and over of His love for me and my family.

    Thanks for the well wishes. I'm still wondering why they call it morning sickness since it lasts all day :) Enjoy the summer heat - if you can stand it - and keep in touch!