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Thursday, May 13, 2010

In Memory Of...

A special thank you to Joanne who wrote this beautiful obituary for our mother.  Although names and locations have been removed for privacy, I know that you can feel the love and loss.

Mom has peacefully left this Earthly world and entered into the Kingdom of Heaven freeing her from the pain and suffering she fought over the last year in a very brave, determined and almost regal fight.

Mom, born in New York, was the only child of loving parents and was the light of their lives. She brought light into someone else’s life at a very young age. At 15, she met a handsome 17 year old boy with beautiful wavy hair. They would marry some four years later and she waited for him while he was stationed in the Navy during the Korean War.

They welcomed a son and four years later, another son. Since the house was a little too quiet with only two boys, they decided to have three – and thirteen years after the first birth, came their last. Her (and his) greatest source of pride was and always has been her sons and as they grew, their families. Her house was always filled with unconditional love and awesome Mother Love. Even all these years later, all of her children have lived no more than minutes from her.

She worked part-time for a local community college all while her boys were growing up, so that she could still be there for them when they needed her. She and her husband provided an idyllic childhood for their boys – vacationing every summer, boating every weekend, neighborhood parties and barbecues. Family was always first and foremost with her.

She opened up her good heart to the women that her sons brought home to be their wives. And never liked the word “daughter-in-law”. It was always DAUGHTER. And she ALWAYS made her sons’ wives feel like her daughters and the “daughters” always felt like she was their “other” mother.

Nothing could make her face light up faster than a grandchild. Recently she found out that her youngest son and his wife were expecting their fifth blessing. She probably had a smile on her face for days with that news. One of her grandson’s visited his Nana on the day that she passed. He brought up a special lunch that he’d made for her. When she told us of his visit later that night, you could see the love and light in her face as she spoke of her second grandchild. She was like that with ALL her grandchildren.

This past March, our family got together to celebrate the 58th Anniversary of our parents. All the family was there. It was a beautiful day with lots of smiles and laughing and good memories and many, many hugs. All of us will be forever grateful for that day and for the love and life of Mom. We will always miss you and you will always be in our hearts and in our lives. And we know that although our family chain is now broken, one day, we will all be together and the link will rejoin. We love you Mom and Nana.
ChristinaLynn }i{


  1. So very beautifully written! Sorry to hear of this great loss in your family. Sending my prayers.

    My regards,

  2. Brandi, thanks so much. Yes, Joanne did a wonderful job writing this.

    We so much appreciate your prayers. It means so much to us that people are willing to bring our names in His presence.