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Friday, January 22, 2010

When God Moves

Sometimes subtle, sometimes bigger than a blimp.  When God moves, do people notice?  Do they know it's Him?  Does Jeannine know?  Does Chris know?  Does Jean know?  Does Mo' know?  Does Sharon know?

When God moves through me, do I notice?  Do I recognize His touch?  His words flowing from my mouth and the Spirit's intercession...I have to confess, I do not always recognize.

Experiencing the blessing of knowing that God has used my tongue to touch someone's soul is an AMAZING thing.  "That's Paradise!"  A euphoria that can not be experienced in any other way.  I want this feeling every day of my life.  For the person who experiences peace, comfort, healing through something only God can do.  For the complete interaction of being in God's presence. 

When words leave your mouth and you are acutely aware that they are not of your own doing, every item in your being cries out that they are only possible through His miraculous work.

Yet, I don't put forth the effort I know that it requires.  The daily walk with Him that gives me the freedom of enjoying His beautiful service. 

It's our job to make sure people notice, to make sure they know it's Him.  Because "There's more to this life."

Am I "Abandoning all for the sake of the call"?  Or, am I holding something back because of fear or pride or self-doubt?  Am I preventing God's work in someone's life, that could count for eternity? 

Stephen Curtis Chapman is on my MP3, in case you were wondering..."chasing thoughts inside my head."

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