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Monday, January 25, 2010

Squeezing God In

We recently went through the steps of registering our two youngest children for preschool that begins in the Fall.  I know, I hear you saying:  "What?  You register in January for classes that don't start until September?"  Yes, we do.  The faith-based preschool our two youngest children attend is not open during the Summer.  They follow the local public school calendar and are only open a few hours a day and only available for a couple of days a week.  It is more of a "morning out" than a day care facility. 

During my boys' first chapel this morning, the director came up to make a few announcements and took the opportunity to thank everyone who had registered their children for Pre-K.  She had mentioned that the program is nearly full, just with current students.  This is an amazing accomplishment in our current economic environment especially because our local board of education provides free voluntary Pre-K.  Naturally, the director received a lot of questions last week about why our preschool does not participate in the free program.  I was blessed and touched to hear the director explain that since the board of education governs the Free VPK program, their curriculum must be used.  Since we would have to use the government created curriculum, we would have to "squeeze God in wherever we could," and thankfully, we are just not about that. 

Well, it got me thinking.  Isn't that how we are as Christians many days?  We squeeze God in where we can.  I really believe this is what God meant about being "lukewarm" and being spit from His mouth.   (Revelation 3:16 NIV)  We turn God on whenever we need Him, whenever we are in trouble, whenever something has gone wrong.  We may even be guilty of turning Him on for praise or to thank Him, when it feels good to us, when we are overcome with emotion.

God is just not about that!  God wants to have a relationship with us.  To walk with us and talk with us as the old hymnal In The Garden goes.  He wants to be the light shining through the cracks in our vessel because without Him, it's just utter darkness.

We hear so often about giving God the "first fruits" of our money.  What about the "first fruits" of our day, our time, of our lives?  Where you can actually hear God's voice and feel the walk with Him. 
  • Have you shared the joy? 
  • What is the melody that He gave to you? 
  • Where is He bidding you to go?   

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