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Friday, November 18, 2011

When You're Having A Bad Day...

...bookmark this post and come back to it.

One child's appointment, although it went well, left me with four follow-up items.  The baby's been fussing all day, in between short naps.  The twins have been wrestling and goofing off the entire afternoon, to the point that they're hurting one another and getting their feelings hurt too.  I have an appointment in a week that requires not just one, but two babysitters and I just found out one of them will not be available and I'll have to re-schedule my appointment.  The baby's appointment in a few days was just re-scheduled for the third time due to scheduling conflicts at the office.  Poor little guy fell asleep in the highchair and when I picked him up to take him to bed, his little foot hit my cup and spilled my perfectly sweetened raspberry tea all over the floor of the breakfast nook.  One of the twins spilled chocolate milk all over the kitchen floor simply because the trash was too full.  The wind blew half of our recyclables all over the neighborhood today.  This, in the middle of school issues for pretty much every kid but the baby.  In addition to the normal daily duties, I'm trying to get some "work" done.  You know, that stuff I do besides being a housewife and mommy.

But, the REAL thing to remember is that all of this occurred the very day after I heard a powerful message about having peace in any circumstance.  I guess I should have expected it.  A full-on attack to test me.  A test I did not pass.  I lost my patience.  I was snippy.  I raised my voice.

Today's Promise says, "Rejoice in the LORD, you who are righteous, and praise his holy name."  There wasn't much rejoicing going on here today.  I wasn't righteous and I didn't praise his holy name.  The only song that came to mind was an old one - I can only remember two lines:  "Make the world go away.  Get it off of my shoulders."

Now, I'm off to renew my mind with a new song.  I'm sure I don't remember all of the words to this one either.  Maybe someone can fill in the missing pieces.

"Oh, rejoice in the Lord.  He makes no mistakes.  
For He knows the end of each path that I take.  
For when I am tried and purified, I shall come forth as gold!"

ChristinaLynn }i{


  1. My younger sister was kind enough to send me the words to the above referenced song {and to help keep me from copyright infringement!}...Here's a link to the official website where you can purchase the CD - at a discount, of course!

  2. Oh! And you can also hear a portion of it!